I’ve been looking for GPS modules for several projects, a GPS disciplined time source, APRS for the street and racecars.

Ebay and a number of other sources turn up lots of GPS modules from various manufacturers. Most of the projects I’m working on seem to play well with the Rockwell Jupiter modules which are supposedly easy to find and are definitely well documented. Unfortunately, many of the vendors of these Rockwell GPS modules don’t or can’t differentiate between the Jupiter modules and the MicroTracker modules. If you buy one for these from Weirdstuff, for example, the docs don’t match the module you’ll get, which is a TU00-D200-401.

The TU00-D200-401 lacks the 10khz output of the Jupiter modules, has a 0.10″ spaced header vs the 2mm spacing, and has a very different pin out.

While the Jupiter is well documented at a number of locations, most notably, http://eshop1.chem.buffalo.edu/600M-GPS.html this site has a photo of a TU00-D200-401 at the top but is actually about the TU30-D140.

If you’d like to use the TU00-D200, the pin out is:

Pin 1: Antenna power input. Normally 3-5 volts. Maximum 12v, 100mA.
Pin 2: GPS unit power input. 5.0 volts DC. Draws approximately 175mA.
Pin 4: NMEA/Binary mode select. +5v for NMEA. Ov or floating for binary mode.
Pin 5: Battery backup for RTC only (internal clock). 2.5-5 volts.
Pin 6: Serial Data Out. Output of GPS messages. 0/5v level RS-232 signal.
Pin 7: Time Mark Out. IHz (1PPS) timing output.
Pin 8: CTS/DTR Serial Data control. Ov or floating for normal. 5v stops serial output.
Pin 9: Serial Data In. Commands or data sent into GPS here. 0/5v level RS-232.
Pin 10: Battery backup for Sram and RTC. 2.5-5 volts.
Pin 13: Master Reset. +5v to turn on GPS. Ov or floating to turn off and reset.
Pin 18: Serial Data In from DGPS correction receiver. 0/5v level RS-232
Pin 20: Baud Rate select. Ov for 4800 baud. 5v or floating for 9600 baud.

Pins 3, 11, 14, 17, 19 all Grounded

Pins 12, 15, 16 No Connection

So, to hook one up to a TinkTrak3, for example, connect as follows:

Connect pins 1,2,4,13 together -> TinyTrak3+ pin 4
Connect pins 3, 19 together -> TinyTrak3+ pin 5
Pin 6-> TinyTrak3+ pin 2
Pin 9 -> TinyTrak3+ pin 3

Connect pins 20,17,11,14 together

Plug it in, turn it on, wait 15 min and you should have GPS lock.

If I get time I’ll put together a pcb to connect one to the other without having to resort to an ugly cable like mine.

Note: Beware. When using this board with some GPS monitoring tools (VisualGPS)  it appears to be spitting out binary. Disconnect and reconnect the board (in software) and it should sync up in a few sec.


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  2. i need to get 1pps out signal,so which reciever should i use the rockwell tu30-d140/tu30-d145 or the tu00-d200-401

  3. I’m not familiar with the tu30-d140 or 145, but if you just need 1pps, you can certainly get it from the tu00-d200. My guess is you can get it from any of them.